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Introducing A Guide to Family Offices

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Introducing A Guide to Family Offices

We are delighted to launch our new Guide to Family Offices which you can download at the rear of this page.

The guide provides a three-chapter overview of the operational considerations and common family office scenarios that wealth professionals should take into account when considering establishing a family office for their client family. 

The launch of the guide comes as the number of family offices has surged in recent years, increasing 38% in the period July 2017 to July 2019 and managing an estimated $5.9 trillion of assets according to figures from Campden Research. They are now an increasingly common way for wealthy families to organise their financial and administrative affairs but the way they operate can vastly differ. 

Family offices are a growing economic force but owing to the diverse array of businesses that fall under the family office description, it is not always clear how they operate. A Guide to Family Offices therefore provides a valuable reference point for wealth professionals and those unfamiliar with family offices to enhance their understanding of this thriving sector.

Nick Cawley, Global Private Clients Service Line Leader added “Our family office service is built on long-term personal relationships that are founded on a deep understanding of what matters to our clients now and in the future. We offer tailored, practical solutions that are flexible enough to adapt to changing family circumstances and can support across our global network which is designed to deliver exactly what our clients need, exactly how and where they need it. Recognising the quasi-institutional nature of some family offices and the wealth they oversee, we also work with our Funds and Corporate colleagues to leverage what they can offer the family office environment.” 

Family office specialists

We were thrilled to be recognised by the private wealth industry for our excellence in providing family office services at the prestigious STEP Private Client Awards 2019, where we were voted Multi-Family Office of the Year and have also been shortlisted for this year’s awards. We can act as an outsourced family office or multi-family office and offer tailored, practical solutions to support our clients' wealth. For more information, get in touch via my profile or to read the guide, complete the download form below.

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