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How is the role of a trustee changing?

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How is the role of a trustee changing?

At this year's annual Global ABS conference in Barcelona 11-13 June, Senior Advisor Sally Gilding moderated an intriguing discussion titled, 'Agents of Change? Trustee Perspectives on Hot Topics and Recent Issues'.

Access the recording here.

Sally was joined by a panel including: Catherine Stapylton, Structured Finance Transaction Management Group Head (BNY Mellon), Thomas McKay, Director, Head of Trustee (HSBC), Olufemi Oye, Head of Special Situations (Deutsche Bank), Morgan Krone, Partner (Allen & Overy LLP) and Navita Yadav, Global Head of Capital Markets (Vistra).

The panel sought to address several key industry questions:

  • How does the trustee function fit in going forward?
  • Do trustees exercise their discretion frequently enough? 
  • What are the key considerations in respect of indemnities for trustees and litigation funding? 
  • What is the role of the trustee in dispute resolution? 
  • Are there additional protections that need to be built into documents? 

You can listen to the full panel discussion here

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