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Explored: The Role of a Facility Agent

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Explored: The Role of a Facility Agent

Following the introduction of our Facility Agency capabilities to accompany our existing suite of corporate trust products in mid-2018, Director of Transaction Management, Chris Wilson, examines the key elements of the role in the evolving loan market.

What is a Facility Agent?

A Facility Agent acts as the primary point of contact between the transaction parties to a syndicated loan. They are appointed to manage the communication between the borrower and the lenders in addition to handling the flow of funds and providing ongoing transaction support. As a result, the appointment of the Facility Agent is a key one in the context of loan-based transactions.

Why use an independent Facility Agent?

In a market subject to stringent regulations combined with a need to effectively manage potential conflicts of interest - especially in workout or restructuring scenarios - lenders increasingly find themselves seeking independent service providers to administer the agency aspects associated with their portfolios. This occurs either from the outset or by stepping in as a successor agent during the lifespan of the transaction.

In terms of independence, a true third party Facility Agent will have no other commercial interest in a transaction, thereby positioning itself to be able to operate in a conflict-free environment.

A Facility Agent also needs to have extensive market experience and specialist knowledge to support a service offering covering a wide range of loan financing, extending to complex leveraged finance, multi-currency transactions.

Offering a bespoke client service as well as operating a streamlined new business on-boarding process is paramount. This enables the Facility Agent to promptly assess a transaction and be responsive to client needs in a market where speed and flexibility are of upmost importance.

To learn about Ocorian's Facility Agent and Loan Administration offering, click here.

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