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Capital markets resilience and economic outlook with former White House adviser

Capital markets resilience and economic outlook with former White House adviser

We are delighted to be welcoming renowned economist and former White House adviser, Todd Buchholz to our online debate on Thursday 18 June to discuss the adaptability and resilience of global capital markets following the worldwide lockdown.

In this live video webinar, Todd will join our Regional Head of Americas and Global Capital Markets Service Line Leader, James Maitland as well as Sonal Patel, Managing Director, Head of Sales - Americas.

The panellists will discuss the global economic outlook and how regions are responding to the pandemic, while looking ahead to recovery and identifying segments for growth. They will also focus on the global capital market outlook including changes in merger and acquisition activity and consider if distressed debt is a threat or opportunity. There will be discussion on the path forward with stimulus packages, technical innovation and the digital divide.

To register for the webinar, which takes place on Thursday 18 June at 11.00 am EST / 4.00 pm BST, please click here

As a frequent commentator on the state of the markets, Todd Buchholz brings his experience as a former White House director of economic policy; a managing director of the highly successful, multi-billion dollar Tiger hedge fund and a Harvard economics teacher to the cutting edge of economics, fiscal politics, finance and business strategy. Todd is a frequent guest on ABC News, PBS, CNBC and CBS He has also debated such luminaries in the field as Lester Thurow and Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz.

Ahead of his discussion with Todd, James Maitland, said “The speed we are seeing key players in the market respond to the changing landscape whilst remaining true to their core investment ethos is impressive. I am looking forward to discussing the global economic outlook as well as the opportunities for capital markets with Todd Buchholz who is such a preeminent economist.”

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